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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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It has never been more important than it is today, for us all to have access to information – and from an array of sources.  However, mainstream media has proved to have limitations, particularly in terms of its biased nature towards singular narratives.

CONNECT's role in the media world is to encourage greater discernment, awareness and critical thinking, by making available an expanded catalogue of informative channels driven by passionate people who - like ourselves - are searching for Truth.

A programme of Media Workshops has now begun, designed to equip you to be a valuable 
communicator helping to share information, using a small collection of inexpensive everyday technical equipment. 

With your new skills learned and practised, you will be in a position to share your work - for reward - with CONNECT's expanding family of platforms. 

Additional revenue-earning opportunities will also be open to you - including other media channels, campaign and general interest groups as well as potentially the field of local commercial marketing.

Summary details of our Media Workshops are below. 

We are a growing team of professional, like-minded individuals - with a passion to promote a valuable connection between people.  We do this by sharing news, views and commentary on events in our world - whether they be at our own doorstep or the other side of the planet. 

We are CONNECT. 

next WORKSHOP: 30-31 August

This two-day workshop runs from 10am to 5pm on Friday and Saturday.

Drinks will be provided and there are various choices close by for lunch options.


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This workshop centres on learning how to tell a story - using something as ubiquitous and familiar to operate as the common smartphone.  The various skills, rules and techniques you'll learn will quickly put you on the film directorship ladder.

We'll look at what works on film - and doesn't - paying specific attention to the most important Do's and Don'ts.  We'll also practise honing our 'attention to detail' skills - a key element of every good film production as we will demonstrate.

You'll be introduced to two different studio software packages, either of which have the power to transform your footage into polished, finished work.  One is free and very capable, while the second is very affordable and even more capable.

This is an area which few people have experience of, particularly in front of a camera.  With the basic rules and key approaches in place, interviewing becomes second nature - even fun - and just like having a conversation with a friend.

Individual stylations are as varied as our personalities.  That said, each of us will take time to find and develop our own persona, both behind and in front of the camera.  It is one's own persona that becomes our own recognisable identity.



You already know that a smartphone is all you will need as your key item of kit - and you will most likely have a computer at home, although not wholly necessary, as you will see.  By far your most valuable item or asset - as you'll discover - is YOU!


In teams of two, we will engage in live working on the streets of this photogenic town - to apply and practice the knowledge and skills you will acquire.  There're 3 different scenarios which give us practice in the real field - including person interaction.


In many ways - podcasting is the simplest medium to stage, in terms of controlling your environment and the ease by which your content is shared.  It can be enormously valuable in so many ways.  The Do's and Don'ts are very relevant to podcasts.   


This workshop will provide a launch pad for those with a keen interest to either get immediately serious about contributing to media or just dabble with it for a bit - testing your feelings about What, Where and How you might use your new skills.  

CONNECT is open to partner with contributors in different ways across a spectrum of forms.  Those forms include:

  • The capture of different public events - talks, debates, etc

  • Interviews with the public, commentators, persons of note

  • Your own views and commentary you're keen to share

  • Short promotional films for local businesses and retailers 

Outside of self-generated content, CONNECT has more.

We have opportunities in an array of fields - spread between your own determined occasional assignments to ongoing editorial and leadership in self-employed roles. 


Additional opportunities also exist with other groups and publishers looking for content and content producers. 


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The two-day workshop is offered at just £119.

This applies to reservations made after Sunday 28 July
and i
ncludes workshop participation and refreshments.


The two-day workshop is offered at just

This applies to all reservations made prior to Monday 29 July.




Films like those above  have been or can be produced

to similar standard

by YOU

with inexpensive

everyday equipment. 

We will show you HOW.

Thanks for reserving your place! You'll receive an email from us with Next Steps.

Reserve your place by completing this Reservation.

After reserving your place,

you'll receive a

Request For Payment.


Following payment, 
Joining Instructions
will be sent, including details
of things to 
bring with you 
for the Workshop.

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We can all be Citizen Journalists - sharing Information and Truth.

We can all be so much better equipped for this - after a Media Workshop!

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