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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Join The Debate


CONNECT is delighted and proud to be sponsoring and partnering JOIN THE DEBATE.
This new community initiative enables people to discuss and debate the important and pressing issues of our time.


Members of the local and wider community regularly meet to debate important topics of our time.  The topics currently include those shown below.

As a society we've reached a most interesting point in time.  We've all observed in the last few years so many things which are wrong with our world and they're in addition to all the things we already knew were wrong.  Listing them is hardly necessary, but they include things like; the lack of quality food and housing, inequality, oppressive government, failing education and healthcare systems.  These things are in addition to the harms being caused to our eco-system and the unbridled march of technology without due assessment and regulation.  We can also add for final measure, the lacks of servant leadership, conflict resolution and peace in our world. 

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There is no political agenda or bias connected with the debates - but instead a refreshing attitude of being honest with ourselves.  We've seen that our elected representatives - of every political colour - have failed to shape our society and our planet as it can be.  
Up to this time, we have ourselves been guilty of failure too - since we've contributed to this position - and done so, simply by not acting before now.  But now is the time.

In essence, we've relied for too long on elected representatives - working within inadequate and limited administrative systems.  Coupled with this, BIG corporations are exercising ever-greater control over our society by influencing these very same systems.  The result of all these things happening - and at ever-increasing speed - is being felt at both the individual and community levels.  And not just in this country - but everywhere!


Realising this drift away from the enriching community life so many of us seek - where we all live in harmony with each other and all living things - many People are clearly  sensing that a major change is now needed.  This being so, these same People see this as the very time when we come together - plan together - then work together, to effect all the changes we desire in the world.  

These debates are not talking shops for off-loading strong views of discontent.  Instead, see them as more like - THINK TANKS for positive change.  They are staged for the single purpose of considering what's wrong in society and needs terminating - so allowing to come forward what is right, just and needs replicating.  The process begins with describing in word pictures what it is we all want within our society for ourselves and each other.  And don't think anyone is excluded - since everyone with a voice will have something to contribute to the change.     

These debates are viewed as a way of firstly engaging people's interest. They help garner People's creativity - their insight and passion - to help identify the very changes needed across all aspects of life!  It is through these debates - one building upon another in a gradual process of development - that a manifesto for change is being created.  A manifesto that can - and will - become honed into a widely agreed BETTER WAY forward to serve us and our children in the future.  


But with all this said, the positive changes so many of us see as desired - changes based on truth, fairness and transparency - start at ground zero with our very selves realising, that it is our very selves who can - and will - make these changes a reality.  

The first debates began in the historical town of Malmesbury.  Quite fitting given it was the home of English C17 philosopher Thomas Hobbes.  

They began with...


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JTD Subject. Awakening.1x1.400.A1.1336.png
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CM3 ENVIRONMENT.1x1_edited (1).jpg
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JTD Subject.HEALTH.4065.1x1.400.png
JTD Subject. We-Own-It.1x1.400.A1.1336.png
JTD Subject. Peace-in-Our-Time.1x1.400.A1.1336.png


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Are you a scout -
or a soldier?

Julia will test you:

On how you feel about the truth.

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A powerful way to connect, learn and formulate positive views.

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