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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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MEDIA - Podcasts

This is very much a time for our positive thinking to be matched with a broad raft of positive action.  That is, action by us all, not just those elected, or in post, to act - as we all hope they will - in our best interests. 

It is a time to be discerning about what it is we are being told in this world and to take action by asking ourselves; "What is the real underlying message - what really is the fundamental truth?" - assuming truth is what we all wish to know.

It is a time to give close attention to the changes that are happening and to ask ourselves this question; 

"Where is it all leading - and are we ok with that?" 

Truth is a human right.

It is a human obligation to provide it.


Mainstream media once had full grip on our news.  But since 2020 - and thanks to modern, affordable and quality tech - there's been a rapid rise in, what some have come to call, the Alternative Media.   

The drive behind this rapid rise wasn't the quality tech available, since that only facilitated the rise.  Instead, the drive came from a distinct turning away from the mainstream platforms for the very reason which explains basic economic theory.  The demand for news from the mainstream media has been evaporating at an unprecedented rate.  People looked for and locked onto an alternative.  

With so many realising that the supply of news offered by the mainstream today now clearly lacks  good journalism and the questioning of narratives, independent, entrepreneurial and passionate communicators have entered the field.  Among them is a growing army of podcasters with a passion for questioning those narratives, diving for the truth behind every story. 

We're pleased to share their work and their truth.   

These links are to our chosen short list of channels created by the people, for the people,  from around our world.  Their listing here does not indicate our belief in their content or reliability to report their news accurately. 

They are listed here for our audience to gain an alternative viewpoint on the news and messages put out by the main stream media.  The  object is first to provoke  thought - followed by reasoned and respectful  discussion.  The purpose is to aid, for us all, the discovery of evidenced truth on all the topics covered - and so many others which are not.   


It is left to our audience to make their own judgement - by their own discernment - as to what is reliable and what is not - what is TRUTH and what might be FAKE. 

Truth is the primary goal. Those with no hidden agenda will have no reluctance to evidence the TRUTH they offer and will do so freely.

The secondary goal is wider awareness of that evidenced TRUTH.

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Whatever our politics, our religion, our sex, our age,

Whatever our beliefs, colour, culture or nationality...

There are some basic fundamentals that connect us all -

our capacity to love and to be loved by family

our wish for peace and our right to freedom

PLUS, our planet, our DNA and our TRUTH! 


Trust is like virginity - Once it's lost - It's lost !

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