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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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MEDIA - MainStream

This is very much a time for our positive thinking to be matched with a broad raft of positive action.  That is, action by us all, not just those elected, or in post, to act - as we all hope they will - in our best interests. 

It is a time to be discerning about what it is we are being told in this world and to take action by asking ourselves; "What is the real underlying message - what really is the fundamental truth?" - assuming truth is what we all wish to know.

It is a time to give close attention to the changes that are happening and to ask ourselves this question; 

"Where is it all leading - and are we ok with that?" 

Truth is a human right.

It is a human obligation to provide it.


The world is awash with media channels and the stories the main stream choose to cover - for us.  

The reality is that we all have been living - until recently - in a world with increasing pace.  We all have had less time to read, to listen and to think.  Even less time to ask questions - let alone to act - if to act in some way was even appropriate. 

This time squeeze is not just limited to us - but includes the very jounalists who write the stories.  If there is any true journalism done - the essential science of checking for truth - then time to spend on that is also limited.    

More than at any time before - it is important to question what it is we are being told, rather than simply accept the official narrative.

These links are to our chosen short list of main stream media channels from around our world.  Their listing here does not indicate our belief in their reliability to report the news accurately - OR even at all. 


They are listed here for our audience to gain a broad spread of what is the officially publicised  

main stream news. 

Such news might be corroborated by, OR in conflict with, other media platforms - be they major, alternative or the People's. 

It is left to our audience to make their own judgement - by their own discernment - as to what is reliable OR unreliable - what is TRUTH and what, in some minds, is FAKE. 

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