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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Our Editorial Features are all about placing a spotlight on things such as events and businesses.  

Here we get behind the scenes - even under the covers - to get an insider's look at what's going on.  It could be about the things happening at the next event in or around town.  It could be about one of our local businesses and a new product being offered.  


Whatever the focus, the features will all be interesting dives - into the undercover stories.  

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Connect Is About News

Editorial Feature

News from within the town and from without.
What’s happening, has yet to happen and has happened.
Who’s selling what and who’s doing what.
Where to get things – where to get things done.
Reading – for pleasure, education and enlightenment. 
It’s about finding answers – it’s also about asking questions!

And the NEWS we share comes from far and wide.
From as near as Over The Fence or Over The Valley.
From Over the Border – even Over The Water.
Then there's the National and International news.

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Connect Is About Events

Editorial Feature

That is EVENTS within the town and also without.
We are well and truly blessed in Tetbury and the environs.
Not only do we have excellent venues and events to fill them…
…but we also have - close by -

many other great events and venues.

And we’ve begun to compile our calendar of all these great events.
Take a look at the EVENTS page to see what we’ve listed so far.


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1372 JB

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Connect Is About Features

Editorial Feature

And that means Feature articles about anything.
This is where we take a dive into a subject of interest.
It can be about looking at everyday things – but differently.
About things most people might never have heard of before.
Things which people have heard – but now told differently. 


Features will also include behind the scenes look at things.
Like meeting the people behind their event – or their business.
Getting to know a bit about the people - behind their name.



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1373 JC

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Connect Is About Businesses

Editorial Feature

Our businesses and occupations are our life blood.
They provide for us a lot of what we need in life.
They also consume a lot of our time and energy.
As is their nature.

Because businesses and occupations are so important to us…
…and because we all - hopefully -

enjoy our work pursuing them… 
…we want to take a close look at them – to spotlight them.


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1374 JD

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Connect Is About Truth

Editorial Feature

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1375 JE

In a world saturated with the views of the mainstream media - being the views of whoever the mainstream channels are owned by – we at CONNECT will do our best to highlight for you an alternative view of the world.  

The TRUTH is - many of the alternative views emanate from some of the world's most clever and insightful minds.

In a true democracy, everyone and every viewpoint is heard.
In an open and free society - all viewpoints are also fully tested.
Why wouldn’t they be – if TRUTH is the only goal?

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Connect Is About You

Editorial Feature

It’s about bringing to YOU…
…all those things we have mentioned above – being:.

News – Local through to International
Events – Detailing what’s happening - where and when
Features – Delving into stories and the people behind them
Businesses – Spotlighting the great providers we have at hand
Truth – Looking at the real story behind the false story
       TRUTH - There really is nothing like it!

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1376 JF

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