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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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NEWS TODAY - An Opinion Piece 


With BoJo as good as gone - we have a raft of Would-Bees, lining up frantically to take his place.  In fact there were - at the start - no less than twelve of them - all thinking they possess the right stuff to be the next PM.  How many of us are saying - think again you MPs?

Eight of them were still in the cabinet at the point of BoJo's resignation and, amazingly, 2 of them had only been promoted to that high office just hours before.  I hope you see the problem with all this.  Rats know when it's time to leave a sinking ship - and these MPs don't!

Copy of CM3 2221.BorisJohnson_edited.jpg

That old tory David Mellor - of the Thatcher era - could see it and he spoke about it recently.

All these current cabinet ministers - and those few recently put in place to fill the gapping holes in the ship's sides  - should really have left some time ago.  The fact that they have stayed means they are at one with BoJo and all that he stood for.  Do save me the argument that it was their duty to stay in post and support the government - led as it was by a person who appears at every turn to make it his duty to distort the truth whatever that might be. 

The BBC writes in an article:  Boris Johnson: The inside story of the prime minister's downfall

One of Mr Johnson's staunchest allies, Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries, was furious.

"I was quite stunned that there were people who thought that removing the prime minister who's won the biggest majority that we've had since Margaret Thatcher in less than three years [was acceptable]," she says.

"The anti-democratic nature of what they were doing was enough to alarm me. For me it was a coup."

What I - and I presume many others would say is this.  Those who have stayed to support BoJo and his awful government are spineless leaches withour an ounce of honour, or intregity between them all.  What has happened over the last two years - if not far longer - is surely clear enough for the most unenlightened voter.  The final analysis of this politician will NOT make for good reading if you happen to be - still - a BoJo supporter - now declared a NoJo.


X of them were in the cabinet at the point of NoJo's resignation and, amazingly, 2 of them had only been promoted to that high office just hours before.  I hope you see the problem with this.      

Rishi Sunak

Former Chancellor of the Exchequer - resigning just days ago

Liz Truss

Foreign Secretary

Sajid Javid - since withdrawn - failed to secure 20 votes

Former Health Secretary - resigning just days ago

Rehman Chishti - since withdrawn - failed to secure 20 votes

Recently promoted from MP to Foreign Office Minister

Nadhim Zahawi

New Chancellor of the Exchequer - promoted just days ago 

Jeremy Hunt

Member of Parliament - Ex-cabinet minister and now without specific role

Suella Braverman

Attorney General

Penny Mordaunt

Minister of State

Tom Tugendhat

Member of Parliament - without specific role

Priti Patel - since withdrawn

Home Secretary

Grant Shapps - since withdrawn - failed to secure 20 votes

Transport Secretary

Kemi Badenoch

Former levelling up minister - resigning just days ago

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