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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you



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Here we include writings on topics of recurring and popular interest. 
These topics include a mixed bag of things which have been selected specifically to share with you - due to their importance, fascination or special universal interest. 
Our Feature Articles are intended to enlighten or entertain our readers - often, both at the same time!

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Coincidence Is A Funny Thing!

Anyone interested in maths will likely have a real fascination for this science – a science which has to be the universal language of the universe. Wise words indeed – they’re from the screenplay of the Sci-fi film “Arrival”.

Hannah Fry – not in the film, but a professor of mathematics – clearly has a deep interest in the subject and most probably a deep fascination with it too. So much so that she is well qualified to get other people interested – if not fascinated by the subject also. She is so well qualified in fact that Hannah is rolled out to present documentary films on maths and related topics.

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The Problem In Our Garden

I was taken with the idea - described in a previous CONNECT article – that prompts people to see things in a completely different way. It suggested looking through the telescope from the other end. The view’s very different!

One of the most useful forms of communication – and certainly when it comes to explaining and understanding a situation, which otherwise might be difficult – is the use of analogies. These are often perfect vehicles to see things in a particular way – maybe a completely different way. With that idea in mind, I wanted to look at the problem we have in OUR garden.

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Nelson Said – “I See No Ships”

Admiral Lord Nelson is said to have “turned a blind eye” – whilst saying “I see no ships”. The story relates to flag signals – ship to ship messaging in 1801 - during the Battle of Copenhagen when Nelson ignored the signal to retreat.

By all accounts, Nelson was a very brave seaman and competent strategist. During the sea battle he is said to have raised his telescope to his blind eye and was truthful when he said, he saw no ship’s signals. That was Nelson. But are we as a people today not seeing the signals – due to being blinded? Alternatively, are we looking through the wrong end of the telescope?

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Do Leaders Lead - Or Serve?

Imagine if, instead of people serving leaders, leaders served their people. And then also imagine that leaders understood, that a leader is someone who finds out where people want to go and helps them to get there.

I’m reliably informed that, in the 1950s and 60s, letters sent from the UK government to members of the public ended with "your obedient servant." Well, I’ve just received a letter from the government – and it won’t come as a surprise to most readers to find out that my letter was NOT signed off like that. Is it time to ask – when it comes to leaders - who’s serving who?

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