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Here we include writings on topics of recurring and popular interest. 
These topics include a mixed bag of things which have been selected specifically to share with you - due to their importance, fascination or special universal interest. 
Our Feature Articles are intended to enlighten or entertain our readers - often, both at the same time!

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And They Call This A Debate???

‘Safety’ is a word becoming one of the most used – if not one of the most over-used words in the national lexicon. People have become obsessed with safety and at the cost of common sense in many cases.

Now, I’d be the last to argue that safety – and I mean safety procedures etc - aren’t important. I would admit that safety routines are vital and certainly where common sense, knowledge or experience is missing. So why is it then, the gov’t drivers of policy seem to dismiss the issue about jab safety – saying in effect there’s no evidence of harm – when there is?

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The Truth Of Conspiracy Theory

Oh how this phrase has literally stormed onto the world’s media platforms over the last 3yrs and exclusively on the mainstream ‘media’– in direct contrast with the People’s Media platforms. How funny!

It’s as if the mainstream ‘media’ – in some way – is in cahoots with the government and/or other collections of persons unidentified.  The mere thought or expressed idea would immediately be labelled as an example – Conspiracy Theory – by that same collection of media platforms and the crowd of fact-checkers that leap on such notions to poo-poo them.

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Sandy Hook - A Shooting Event

Anyone looking down the list of stories on the web about the Alex Jones trial - involving two parents and a lost child - would be in no doubt who the guilty party was.  But despite the overwhelming media headlines, there’s this…

There are so many glaring and fundamental unanswered questions about the Sandy Hook Event which just WON’T go away.  And they won’t go away until they are answered.  The gov'nt has had 10yrs to answer them – but hasn’t.  That alone should tell us all we need to know.  Perhaps the only question is this – Is the gov'nt the real guilty party?

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The Attack On People's Media

Alex Jones is described as a conspiracy theorist by people who are at odds with his principles and commentary. Others see him as a truth seeker, not wishing to inflict harm in any way onto those who are entirely innocent.

Alex Jones is a media platform host for centred in Texas, USA and possesses a passion to explore topics where truth always appears to be the first casualty.  Interestingly, on the 12Sep01 – the day after 9/11 – Jones spoke of his suspicion – if not conviction – that the terrorist attack was not what the people were told it was.

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The Crime Is Just Too Big!

The human psyche is truly a wonderful thing.  But the reality is - that it both protects us and makes us vulnerable for the same reasons.  It would serve each of us if we had a better understanding of this for our own wellbeing.

In the context of a crime being too big – and let’s say that such a crime is committed against us personally – our psyche moves to protect us.  It’s like a trusted adult moving to look after a child in danger.  In effect, our psyche will ring-fence the trauma and all the mental images associated with that crime, to the extent of preventing us mentally accessing that trauma again.

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