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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Founders David Charles and Helen King created CONNECT-M3 following an experience where the lives of many thousands of people were negatively affected, including - unavoidably - their own. 


The experience resulted from the inadequacies in the political landscape and other elements which combine under the heading - known to many as - the establishment.  In effect it was a wake-up call.

CONNECT-M3 is an independent media platform bringing together different viewpoints on what is happening in the world - enabling us all to get a more rounded and in-depth view of the TRUTH. 


Business Charters describe what kind of business they are.  They're not a description of what the business does day by day - as a product maker, supplier, designer or other service provider.  Instead they're something far more human-like in nature.

A Business Charter is a statement that describes what a business values in life - how it sees the world and those it serves.  In part, it's a window on the morality of a business - which itself is a reflection of the business owner's own values and guiding principles.  Charters are about what a business stands for and what it strives for - in a human-like sense of the meaning.  

The world now seems as if it's teetering on the brink of a new age in humanity.  In the context of our business and corporate worlds, many sense there are significant and fundamental changes coming - and expected in the very near future.  

The business world has previously existed to generate profit and to survive at any cost - which includes the death, or takeover, of competition.  The changes foreseen will mean this approach to life - an approach built on greed and personal gain at the expense of others - is coming to an end soon, its purpose in time served. 

There's a sense of change involving a move toward originating new business models - such that all people and businesses work together in total  harmony for the good of us all.  That'll be difficult to imagine for many - but some sense it's true nonetheless.


Entrepreneurs are a gift to humanity.  They bring innovation, a personal  vision and energy, enabling them to bring their ideas into physicality.  They might be honoured and deservedly.  But they don't need rewarding with riches beyond belief and perhaps shouldn't expect to be.  Certain levels of riches have been seen to work against humanity through the influence of politicians - bending government policies to their own financial and power advantage.  


In the future, we may come to see a time when such entrepreneurs are celebrated due to what they bring to the benefit of us all - meaning our worldwide human community.

In the meantime, a Business Charter can be used to say something far more human-like in nature - about who we really are and what we care about.  They might help us point towards a far better future - where we all work together - not merely for the advantage of the very few - but us all.

So, what does your Business Charter say about you?  You might tell us.


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Download our Charter:

Share it with others.

Use it to write your own.

Be part of the change! 

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