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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Our Editorial Features are all about placing a spotlight on things such as events and businesses.  

Here we get behind the scenes - even under the covers - to get an insider's look at what's going on.  It could be about the things happening at the next event in or around town.  It could be about one of our local businesses and a new product being offered.  


Whatever the focus, the features will all be interesting dives - into the undercover stories.  


Over the Fence News

2045 TA

The Tetbury Social Experiment

Pireaus, Tetbury CONNECT and the people of Tetbury have been chosen to be involved in a social experiment.  The social experiment is the brainchild of a sociologist and is intended to measure the propensity of people in communities to work together on major issues.  

It has been explained that the experiment was prompted by the events of the last two years, the extraordinary behaviour of our leaders in Westminster and the total lack of any challenge to their exercised authority over the population.

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Special Feature

2045 TB

The Whole Story - Part 4


This is the full exposure of a story surrounding a Tetbury based charity – its founding trustee directors – and the extraordinary events which unfolded bringing destruction to a programme helping young children gain an education in Africa.

This story has been waiting for the right time to be published. 
We have now arrived at that right time. 

This is a 5-part story and today we publish part 4.

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Special Feature

2045 TC

Natural Immunity To Ideas

One of the latest scientists to be censored is Dr Robert Malone. Dr Malone has been censored, not because he presented medical misinformation - but because he presented an idea.

The idea that has been censored is a social psychology theory, one that has been labelled as being “dangerous.”   
But there’s no need to be afraid.  Most people won’t be infected by this idea – or any other idea.
Natural immunity is the reason – natural immunity to ideas.


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Special Feature

2045 TD

The Cat's In The Cradle! 

It’s “Cat’s in the Cradle” time for the Climate Change movement.  
This is an old expression and means that someone no longer has the time to spend on someone else.  

Sadly, Climate Change doesn’t have this problem.  It has far too many people spending far too much time and energy on it.
Not for too much longer, because - the cat’s out of the bag.

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