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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Our Special Features are just that.  We pick a topic which has been in the current news spotlight somewhere - or a topic which has been buried under a stone as some are!  We then slide it back under a different spotlight for some re-examination.  


We like lifting the lid on a story we feel should be looked at again - or looked at from a different angle.

In essence, our Special Features cover a wide spectrum of topics we feel are ripe for that re-examination.


Special Feature

2245 SA

A Different New World Order 

There is increasing talk of a New World Order and it emanates from the WEF and its supporters – which includes a number of governments around the world.  But what these people have in mind for humanity has holes in.

I like to reinvent the wheel occasionally but only when there is a need.  And here I firmly believe there is a need to.  Two reasons:
1.    The old system we are used to is far too inadequate
2.    The new system the WEF want is far too inadequate
Not only is it inadequate, but it appears to hide a hidden agenda which is unlikely to be fair to all. 

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International News

2245 SB

A Community Sharing World

The automatic consequence of people sharing is the coming together of people.  Where there is a need to share or a desire to share – whatever it is - people automatically connect with each other to make sharing happen.

Take for example this story from Australia.  It’s about people sharing cars.  Now we’re all familiar with the idea of sharing lifts to work – but that is NOT this.  Here, the sharing of cars means sharing time-usage of those cars rather than sharing lifts. This version of Car Share is a bit like holiday-home time-share, but without the fixed time slots.    

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International News

2245 SC

Product Recall For Safety

An international health and civil society organisation has reported that the Covid-19 vaccines need to be recalled immediately, on the basis of extremely concerning signals about the safety of the products.

The Covid-19 Vaccine Pharmacovigilance Report, prepared by the World Council for Health, has examined not only adverse events following Covid-19 vaccination - but also the rate of adverse events for other vaccines that has led to product recalls.  The findings, which have now been shared with the media, make deeply disturbing reading.  

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Special Feature

2245 SD

How did Watergate happen?  It was the “Abilene Paradox” in action.  Not everyone thought bugging the Democratic headquarters was a good idea – but those who didn’t stayed silent – “went along to get along.”

Numerous Watergate figures later testified in court that they were appalled at the plan - they thought it was risky and unnecessary -but didn’t say so, at the time, however.  They all agreed to take part - because the other people were so keen on the idea.  Whether or not this account of Watergate is what really happened, it shows the power of the Abilene Paradox. 

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Do We Go Along To Get Along?

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