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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Our Special Features are just that.  We pick a topic which has been in the current news spotlight somewhere - or a topic which has been buried under a stone as some are!  We then slide it back under a different spotlight for some re-examination.  


We like lifting the lid on a story we feel should be looked at again - or looked at from a different angle.

In essence, our Special Features cover a wide spectrum of topics we feel are ripe for that re-examination.


National News

2025 SA

Drinks At The PM's Anyone?

This story has been in the pipeline for some weeks and it shows every sign now of getting a thoroughly good airing.  It’s about the PM and his staff at his No.10 residence - and across the departments at Westminster – meeting for drinks and frivolity.

Nothing wrong with that in principle – since works parties are all about good relations, appreciation and letting one’s hair down with one’s colleagues – assuming they are deserving of it

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Special Feature

2025  SB

Of Mice - And Men

The “Universe 25” experiment is often described as “chilling” and “horrifying.”  A man placed mice in a “paradise” of his own design - not once but twenty-five times. 
Every time, it ended the same way.  Their heaven quickly became hell and the mice were destined to die out.

Why did utopia turn into dystopia?  
And what can “Universe 25” tell us about the future of the human race?


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Regular Feature / Food

2025 SC

Agnolotti – Ravioli Pasta

If you have some leftover Sunday Roast, a good alternative to Meatballs is Homemade Agnolotti. The flavour is totally different to the Supermarket ones. Trust me! 
As the preparation is quite long, we use this as a moment for the family to get together and cook during the Festive time. I have learnt the art of pasta making as a child in the countryside house in Piedmont where I grew up.  It was a Sunday kind of job with Pina and Baldo - our beloved old neighbours couple - teaching me how to make fresh pasta. It was such a good fun! 

You can also use this recipe for Lasagne sheets, Tagliatelle etc…

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Special Feature / Innovation

2025 SD

Connect A Recycling Community 

I have always been a fan of recycling.  I just love the concept of being tidy with our stuff – placing it where it should be – sharing unwanted things with people and – best of all - turning waste into reusable products.  What is not to like?

Of course, it makes no sense to pursue some of this behaviour if the human cost – or planetary cost – outweighs the gain.  But in most cases, it doesn’t, and - on top of that – the innovation that can stem from pursuing these behaviours can be exciting!

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