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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Our regular features will shortly be appearing within these pages and they will come from another eclectic mix of regular CONNECT contributers.   

The subjects covered will be broard in range but, at the same time, relevant to our lives in different ways.  They will cover topics such as health and finances, foods and legal issues.


Look out for these features appearing on CONNECT.



Special Feature

2235 RA

Can You Handle The Truth? 

Is it ever right for a government to lie to the People it exists to serve?  Can it ever be right for “news” that is delivered by the media to be, in reality, propaganda?  A massive deception raises these - and many other - questions.

A military technology show featured a display stand showing a simulation taking place in London.  In the simulation, the government - instead of telling the People the truth, that there was an outbreak of a dangerous disease – pretended there had been an accident at a chemical plant.  The aim was to keep everyone inside their homes – to stop them from going outside. 

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Special Feature

2235 RB

Food Chain Fun And Games

The world’s food chain is threatened by population growth, urbanisation, extreme weather and political crises.  But it shouldn’t be – in 2015, 65 experts met to solve these problems! Were they playing the wrong game?

In the Food Chain Reaction Game, the players were 65 thought leaders and policy makers.  There’s been a lot of game playing over the last few years.  Many of these games have involved pretending that there’s a nasty, dangerous disease.  This game, instead, was designed – apparently - to find solutions to the problem of - how to feed the world.  How well did it work?  

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Special Feature

2235 RC

"The Winner Takes It All..."

“The loser’s standing small - Beside the victory – That’s his destiny”.  These classic ABBA lines were booming out from the PM’s apartment at No10 one party night.  Was it booming out Monday night – after BoJo’s latest victory - we ask?

I’d say not.  It was a victory - but of what exactly?  It reminds me of the last man standing.  All around him is death and total destruction.  Nothing is left but the victor.  Is that a victory?  Does the winner really take it all?  I think not.  And I fancy, thousands of others will see it in the same way.  The only winner here is us – since many will see this as progression.

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Special Feature

2235 RD

The term Conspiracy Theory has been around for 50yrs and has now found itself in the limelight again over the past two.  It was an invention – apparently - by the CIA of all people and used to great effect after the Kennedy murders.

The purpose then – and since – was to label anyone as theorists if, for whatever reason, they questioned the official narrative by offering a sense of doubt about that narrative – and particularly if they offered a completely opposing hypothesis.  As always, to affix a label on someone is potentially very powerful.  It tends always to denigrate the persons concerned.  

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Conspiracy Theory - Or Fact?

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