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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Our regular features will shortly be appearing within these pages and they will come from another eclectic mix of regular CONNECT contributers.   

The subjects covered will be broard in range but, at the same time, relevant to our lives in different ways.  They will cover topics such as health and finances, foods and legal issues.


Look out for these features appearing on CONNECT.



National News

2015 RA

Knighthood Dishonour?

For many people, the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List holds more than a degree of passing interest.  It’s interesting to note those stand-out citizens making it to the top-levels of societal recognition. They’re awarded the titles of CBE, OBE and MBE for distinguished contributions in their specific areas of activity.

Then there’s this year’s Knighthoods - and on the list this time are three people whose inclusion have stoked the fire of controversy.  The most stand-out person among them being Tony Blair – ex-Prime Minister of the UK. 

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National News

2015  RB

The Truth Behind NHS Doors

Today the BBC carry a story about the call by MPs for the NHS to be fixed - so to deal with the backlog of medical treatments.
Well, there is nothing new about the essence of this story, since these comments are spilled by MPs from time to time.

The thing which is slightly different now is the reason for this backlog – and it’s not quite as most people might think.

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Special Feature

2015 RC

Who Wants To Live Forever?

I still can’t believe that it’s thirty years since Freddie Mercury passed to the other side.  The song “Who Wants To Live Forever?” by his rock band, Queen, has to be his signature tune – one of them, anyway.

Freddie lived live to the full, if only half the stories about him are true.  The irony is, in a way, he was only able to live to the full because he didn’t want to live for ever.

Most of us probably don’t want to live for ever.  But some disturbing recent revelations suggest that some people might – just might perhaps - become immortal. 

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Special Feature

2015 RD

At The Eleventh Hour 

Two major aviation companies, Boeing and Airbus, have been in the news recently.  They are concerned about the risk to aeroplanes from the 5G that is due to be rolled out across the United States any day. 

When I say, “any day,” “any moment” would be more accurate.
At the eleventh hour, the 5G rollout has been paused to enable two suppliers to ensure there will be no threat to aviation safety.
How on earth could this happen?

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