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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Our international news comes from the worldwide pot of news stories.  The source being a national or international broadcaster - within the mainstream media fraternity - or an independent freelance citizen journalist working from their homebase.  

We will pick from the extensive tableau of news items, those items we feel fit best with our own interests and those of our readers.  Those items will range between general interest topics and those which are considered important, if not serious.


National News

1505 QA

Is Your MP On Drugs

At the beginning of 2020, our Member of Parliament visited Tetbury.  
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, our long-standing Conservative MP, came to the town to meet the public, the Town Council and representatives from the different community groups.

Something odd happened at that meeting.
That something didn’t make any sense at the time.
The question is – given certain recent revelations about MPs, might that odd occurrence now make total sense?

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CM3 1505 QA.Drug snort1a.1504.jpg
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Regular Feature / Food

1505  QB

Smoked Duck And Plum Pie

Tender smoked duck and winter vegetables get squiffy together in a rich and warming winter pie.

I serve this with dauphinois potatoes and the precious duck breast gravy left from the pie filling.

CM3 1505 QB.Smoked Duck and Plum Pie.1504.jpg
CM3 1505 QB.Smoked Duck and Plums.1504.jpg
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National News

1505 QC

OMG - It's That Omicron Thing

For the last two years the whole population has been traumatised by one health scare after another.  Each scare has come on the back of the last – and arrives just at the right time to seemingly top-up our scare bunkers – as if we needed it!

We don’t know about you, but – it all seems a little fishy now – in fact, all a bit too fishy when you start to dig deeper into the SO-CALLED facts.

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Over The Valley News

1505 QD

Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud 

Whether one wants to have one’s blood cooled at this time of year is debatable, but for some of us, unfortunately, mud will feature as a key memory of one local Christmas event. 

BBC Countryfile’s “Christmas in the Park” event at Charlton Park near Malmesbury has been the target of much mud-slinging on social media, local media and - given the profile - national media as well – but for all the wrong reasons.

CM3 1505 QD.BBC CountryFile in the Park.1504.jpg
CM3 1505 QD.CountryFile Presenters1a.1504.jpg
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