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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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National news means just that.  It can emanate from any source, being a national or international broadcaster - belonging to the mainstream media fraternity - or an independent freelance citizen journalist working from their homebase.  

We will pick from the extensive tableau of news items for the nation, those items we feel fit best with our own interests and those of our readers.  Those items will range between general interest topics and those which are considered important, if not serious.


Special Feature

2205 PA

Liberty - But only For US! 

Imagine finding out that a London football club has been working to damage another London club. If this were to go on in football, the referee would surely give – not a player, but an entire team - a Red Card.

Worse still, the club has persuaded other clubs to help it bring down the second club.  Is this really happening?  Yes – It IS happening - but the parties involved are not football clubs.  They are nations.  The deliberate and unjustified harm one nation has been planning to cause to another – with the help of many other nations around the world - will hurt so many people.

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Special Feature

2205 PB

A Little Science Herstory

Erasing women is not new.  Long before it became fashionable – even obligatory, in some circles – for people to cancel us, the scientific establishment was doing so.  What is it about women that makes some men feel threatened?

Perhaps, one day, science will provide the answer to that question.  In the meantime, for once I am delighted to see deepfake tech being used - to allow female scientists whose discoveries and achievements were attributed to male colleagues to finally have their moment in the limelight.  

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National News

2205 PC

Cut Jobs To Cut Living Costs?

It appears we have reached the point where the ideas of how to run our country have run out – at least that appears to be the case with our PM Johnson.  He looked like he had a vision 3yrs ago but now he’s lost all sight of it.

In fact, he is rapidly losing all support too.  There is so much to be unwound about our PM, and in the coming weeks I am sure we will see just that – the unwinding of a failing politician.  But in this piece, I will just place focus on the crass-like idea he has now tabled for the country.

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Special Feature

2205 PD

On 24feb22 Russia invaded Ukraine to complete a Special Mission.  The Russian leadership has not said or declared that it wished to take-over Ukraine – instead, Russia described it as a mission with particular objectives.

Two days later, 26feb22, Biden approved funding for the conflict – in support of Ukraine – to the tune of $350m.  This was the first in a lengthening list of approvals the US has made to help promote and escalate the conflict.
The more you see of this backstory the more it reveals.

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So - If It's Not About The War...?

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