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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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National news means just that.  It can emanate from any source, being a national or international broadcaster - belonging to the mainstream media fraternity - or an independent freelance citizen journalist working from their homebase.  

We will pick from the extensive tableau of news items for the nation, those items we feel fit best with our own interests and those of our readers.  Those items will range between general interest topics and those which are considered important, if not serious.


National News

1495 PE

It's One Rule 4U And None 4Me

How many times have each of us heard the above title or version of it – “It’s one rule for us and another one for them.”
More times I fancy that we would wish to count.

The thing is – apart from the almost fun nature of the line – there is a very real element of truth about it.  This week the story about the alleged party which took place at 10 Downing Street – almost exactly one year ago – on 18dec20, where two dozen government principles and aids were enjoying wine. Nibbles and games, the rest of us were meant to be in lockdown.

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Special Feature

1495 PF

The Whole Story - Part 3


This is the full exposure of a story surrounding a Tetbury based charity – its founding trustee directors – and the extraordinary events which unfolded bringing destruction to a programme helping young children gain an education in Africa.

This story has been waiting for the right time to be published. 
We have now arrived at that right time. 

This is a 5-part story and today we publish part 3.

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Special Feature

1495 PG

It's About Trust

Some immortal words feature in a song from 1988 about a romantic relationship - a relationship with a capital R.
The lyrics: “In the middle of the madness, hold on” are exactly what most of us expect – and wish – to hear.

But what about a different kind of – non-loving – relationship?  
Is it still a case of “In the middle of the madness, hold on?”  Because, when things get rocky – when what to believe is in doubt – when we have important questions which aren’t being answered – this is when other lyrics in the song become key:
“It’s about trust.”

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Special Feature

1495 PH

A Californian Wave

The experiment known as The Third Wave started when a teacher couldn’t answer a question from one of his students.  
It wasn’t that he didn’t know the answer.  His problem was that he knew the class wouldn’t believe him.


 The teacher found a way to prove the answer to his students - he showed them.  
His students were about to take part in one of the most shocking social psychology experiments ever carried out in a school.

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