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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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NEWS From Over The MOON

All of us love good news stories and especially when we need one ourselves.  So, this section is about exactly that kind of story - a good news story. 

They are stories that lift us up - make us feel good about the world - stories which place a warm glow in our hearts and a smile on our faces.

These stories may be about anything - including, a person’s good fortune, the rescue of an animal, or someone’s extraordinary act of kindness.  They each have the power to make us feel, quite Over the Moon!


Special Feature

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Roe v Wade: Is Abortion A Gift? 

Recently, something happened that I knew straight away could change our world forever.  We need to look beyond the obvious, however.  The truth is, unless you are prepared to give up bodily autonomy to the state, an overturning of Roe vs Wade is a Trojan Horse.

Suddenly, a lot of people are interested in freedom and bodily autonomy – and it’s all down to the decision to overturn Roe vs Wade.  We have an opportunity to build bridges – let’s use it. 

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National News

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Vote 4: None Of The Above

Most of us have grown up with the principle - embedded in our psyche - that it’s important to vote – partly based on the idea that it is our democratic right and a right which people gave their lives to secure for us.  Plus, it’s a way in which we as individuals can take a part in how our country is steered and run.

Some people feel that it is the duty of every citizen of voting age to exercise that right.  Others even say, people should be forced to exercise that right and penalised for not doing so – as in OZ.  
I love that – but perhaps not for reasons you will guess.

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Special Feature

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What Is Behind This Madness?

When one takes up a different viewpoint on all this, the image that comes into focus is not the one most people expect to see.  The image turns our view inside-out and presents a completely opposing picture for our minds to grapple with. 

It paints the picture of utter madness at all kinds of levels, and – the basic fact is – the whole population is at the mercy of a minute number of individuals with their fingers on the button.  The People currently have no say in what happens – but instead, are fed a narrative that seeks to justify the actions of those individuals - we have ourselves given power to.

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Special Feature

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Being called names is never pleasant, is it?  It’s not true that sticks and stones break bones but words don’t hurt – they DO hurt – and those hurts don’t always go away quickly.  Calling people names in the form of putting labels on them, however, does far more harm to our society than hurting feelings.

Applying labels to people who hold a different view from us blocks dialogue and debate.  Society is being deliberately divided by the controllers to give themselves more power.  We can fight back - by refraining from name calling and labelling.

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I See People Being Labelled

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