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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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NEWS From Over The Moon

All of us love good news stories and especially when we need one ourselves.  So, this section is about exactly that kind of story - a good news story. 

They are stories that lift us up - make us feel good about the world - stories which place a warm glow in our hearts and a smile on our faces.

These stories may be about anything - including, a person’s good fortune, the rescue of an animal, or someone’s extraordinary act of kindness.  They each have the power to make us feel, quite Over the Moon!


International News

1495 OA

It Does Not Stack

For anyone who spends just a few hours digging around on the internet - in areas where the mainstream media does not exist – the result is confusing.

People become confused and do so because of what they discover - when diving into the major topic of our time – being the stories found which are completely out of step with the mainstream narrative.

And they’re out of step because the two are in direct conflict.

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Regular Feature / Food

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Lime And Avocado Ice Cream

A really easy ice cream which doesn’t need to be churned.  Just make, freeze and enjoy!
This is a standalone pudding which also goes fantastically well with fresh raspberries - or any other pudding.  
I prefer it just as it is!

The unusual colour will have your guests guessing what’s in it.    
They’ll be astonished when they find out it isn’t pistachio!

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National News

1495 OC

Has This B'n Thought Through?

The BMJ, formerly The British Medical Journal, has published a concerning article by a member of their own editorial team about a UK government plan which is likely to leave the NHS unable to cope.

A House of Lords committee has discovered that the plan, which they say HAS NOT been thought through, will result in the NHS losing vast numbers of staff – and the government does not have a plan for how it is going to cope.

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Over The Valley News

1495 OD

Good Cheer Returns To Town 

There is nothing like Christmas to turn on the smiles and the good feelings and so much more.  That is true any year of course, but - after two years of this plague – this year, more than most others, all of us are ready for a party – aren’t we?!

Yes – we’d say so – as so it was in our community.  The trouble was – we were split on the day and we couldn’t be at two parties on the same evening.  To be precise, we were torn between a party in Tetbury and another in Malmesbury.

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