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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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NEWS From Over The WATER

Tetbury CONNECT is not just about connecting us all in Tetbury.  It's also about connecting people with others - anywhere in the world - through their news.  

We look for stories not found in the mainstream, but include subjects we believe you will find interesting, informative and sometimes educational.


This feature makes CONNECT somewhat unique in the world of local media - publishing local news from Over the Water,


Special Feature

2185 NA

This Is More Than Just Madness! 

When one takes up a different viewpoint on all this, the image that comes into focus is not the one most people expect to see.  The image turns our view inside-out and presents a completely opposing picture for our minds to grapple with.

It paints the picture of utter madness at all kinds of levels, and – the basic fact is – the whole population is at the mercy of a minute number of individuals with their fingers on the button.  The People currently have no say in what happens – but instead, are fed a narrative that seeks to justify the actions of those individuals - we have given power to.


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International News

2185 NB

Now Wash Your Hands Please

I’m old enough to remember “Now Wash Your Hands Please” was printed on every sheet of toilet paper.  
Moving on… while there are some absurd posters and instructional videos on how to wash our hands, of course it IS important that we do so – especially before we eat.

For some children at a school in rural India, however, it wasn’t so easy.  Their school had soap AND water – but the water had to be pumped by hand out of heavy pumps.  Children couldn’t - or wouldn’t – wash their hands and who can blame them?

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National News

2185 NC

It Was The Wrong Answer!

It seems - there is never a week that goes by without something extraordinary happening in parliament.  Last week was no exception to this feature which is more like a rule of thumb. 

Neil Parish was – last week – a tory MP – not that colour has anything to do with it really.  This week he is just a farmer again, having lost the post of party whip – embarrassed himself and family due to his addiction - and, as a result, resigned his seat.  In consequence of which, the relatively safe rural seat he occupied is now up for grabs in another by-election where the mood of the constituents will again be tested - on politics.

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National  News

2185 ND

As this article goes to press, local elections will be taking place across the UK, with all London borough councils and all local authorities in Wales and Scotland being voted on.

But can we trust our voting system?  An investigation by The Guardian found that, in the USA and Canada, the answer is no - democracy is in the hands of businesses that are neither transparent nor accountable.  
What does this mean for our voting system in the UK? 

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Do Votes Equal Democracy?

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