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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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NEWS From Over The WATER

Tetbury CONNECT is not just about connecting us all in Tetbury.  It's also about connecting people with others - anywhere in the world - through their news.  

We look for stories not found in the mainstream, but include subjects we believe you will find interesting, informative and sometimes educational.


This feature makes CONNECT somewhat unique in the world of local media - publishing local news from Over the Water,

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International News

1485 NE

It's Just Coincidence

Some years ago, I was in a theatre audience with a good friend. The play we were watching, I’m sorry to say, wasn’t great.  It was supposed to be a comedy – but it wasn’t funny.  


My friend and I glanced at one another.  Clearly we were thinking the same thing.  And then she said something which I’ve never forgotten.

“It can’t be the play,” my friend said.  “Because it’s by Alan Ayckbourn.”

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Special Feature

1485 NF

The Whole Story - Part 2


This is the full exposure of a story surrounding a Tetbury based charity – its founding trustee directors – and the extraordinary events which unfolded bringing destruction to a programme helping young children gain an education in Africa.

This story has been waiting for the right time to be published. We have now arrived at that right time. 

This is a 5-part story and today we publish part 2.

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National News

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A Time For Tradition And Miracle

Traditions are never more important than at Christmas.  
Whether it’s dressing the tree on the first Sunday in December, or having breakfast at McDonald’s on Christmas Eve, traditions are a way to affirm our values and beliefs.

Of course, traditions by definition usually go way, way back.  I chose two which don’t to make the point that the strongest traditions are, perhaps, the ones that only began recently.
Like the tradition that only began last year.  

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International News

1485 NH

How Can I be Sure?

I had no idea, when I stuck a poster of David Cassidy on my bedroom wall, that my new idol’s latest song wasn’t new – only new to him.
“How Can I Be Sure?” had already been recorded by Dusty Springfield and The Young Rascals - but, when DC sang it in 1972, it was new to me as well as to him.

“How can I be sure?” is a great question, I’ve always thought.
An even better question, however, is “How can I – or we – be sure that something terrible will never happen again? 

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