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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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News from Over The Border comes to us from other counties.  Closest to us, they include Somersetshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire,

and Herefordshire.

That is 6 directly neighbouring counties no less, but...  

With a ? mark over its potential international status, we also include number 7, Welsh Monmouthshire.

PS - We ignore adjustments made to our borders for council convenience. These include civic areas such as South Glos and BANES.


Special Feature

2175 MA

Will Muzzling End On Twitter?

Twitter has entered a new era, now that it belongs to Elon Musk.  So I’m being told.
I really hope it’s true.

According to the old media, the change of ownership has already sparked some high-profile departures from Twitter. 
Go in peace, as Neil Oliver would say, to all those people who are leaving because they find the phrase free speech “chilling.”

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Special  Feature

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A Shocking Study Of Behaviour

Many fascinating social psychology experiments were carried out in the 1950s, 60 and 70s.  Perhaps the most shocking of all, however – literally - was the Milgram experiment. 

The Milgram experiment was a series of experiments, conducted by psychologist Stanley Milgram, that began in 1961.
The experiment tested how obedient people were to authority – whether they would follow orders to harm other people.

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Over The Valley News

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Customer Service - Where Is It?

Government and all those profit driven market forces in the form of BIG Business have got us all on the edge of stepping into a New World.  It’s a New World where us humans are no longer required to serve – at least in the Old Fashioned way!

And we will be making this – enforced - step way before we can say we have graduated with full marks from the Old World.  We have been in the Old World since God was a boy and I think it fair to say – we have not learned nearly enough yet to say job done – lesson learned – let’s now adapt to our exciting future.

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Special Feature

2175 MD

The opening line to this article sounds like the first line of a joke.  And it would be a fun thing if this article was about a funny story.  The trouble is, this story – this article - is about as far away from being a funny story that any story could possibly get.

This story is about a certain reality which - I cannot help but feel – more people need to be made aware of.  The facts behind the story are more than convincing to the many thousands who are aware of it.  They are laid out here in summary for you – a discerning reader – to make your own assessment.

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Man Enters A Police Station, And...

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