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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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In Tetbury, we are lucky to have some lovely and very active local villages and towns nearby.


Closest to us - in Gloucestershire - are Nailsworth, Stroud and Cirencester.  With a blurring of our nearest county border - just a few miles away, we also have Malmesbury in Wiltshire. 


Due to our closest of neighbours being so close to us in Tetbury, we have included Malmesbury in News from Over The Valley - as Insiders.  
That is - rather than Outsiders, Over The Boundary.

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Over the Fence News

1475 LE

Dolphins Hall Needs Our Help

It’s been a long time coming, but I’m delighted to see that, finally, a Change Is Gonna Come at Tetbury’s Dolphins Hall.

At a public meeting on 17 November, the Trustees of the Dolphins Recreation Centre Trust - the charity that runs the Hall and the Recreation ground - explained the redevelopment plan and invited views on raising the funding needed for Phase 2. 

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Special Feature

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The Whole Story - Part 1


This is the full exposure of a story surrounding a Tetbury based charity – its founding trustee directors – and the extraordinary events which unfolded bringing destruction to a programme helping young children gain an education in Africa.

This story has been waiting for the right time to be published. We have now arrived at that right time. 

This is a 5-part story beginning today with part 1.

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International News

1475 LG

This Has To Be A First!

A story is going viral online.  The original social media post states that the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] asked a judge for a time extension before it disclosed the information it relied upon to licence Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine in the USA.

The post says the FDA wants to make the public wait for this information until the year 2076.  But that’s incorrect.  
So, the reputation of the FDA – the US approver of vaccines, on whom the public rely, to know vaccines are safe - is restored?  
Not at all.  
The real story makes the FDA look EVEN WORSE.

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National News

1475 LH

How Much Is A Life Worth?

The UK government has now confirmed something, many people have suspected for some time.  
We are not all equal - some people are worth more than others.

While we already knew, of course, that MPs have more worth than us ordinary folks – they and the government remind us of that almost daily.  We didn’t know that other people are also officially valued on a sliding scale.  Until now, that is.

I’m going to apologise in advance if I sound angry.  
It’ll be because I am.  

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