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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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NEWS From Over The FENCE

Some people will remember the days when women stayed at home to work - and men didn't.

Men leant on their shovels putting the world to right, chewing the cud with other Men - and Women leant on the fence putting their Men to right, gossiping with other Women.

Well, men rarely work with shovels these days, but there is still news and gossip to be had over the fence.  And it's available here on CONNECT.


Special Feature

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The Revamp Of Parliament - A

There is a book to be written about the inadequacies of our democracy system, the voting procedures, all the parliamentary rules and lack of and – not least – MP’s unacceptable conduct.

I’m not in line to do that myself, but I do feel positioned to start the process of writing up the rough notes for such a book – opening the door on the chapters to be written – by someone.

Today, I want to share my first rough notes with you and if you would like to add to them – well all the better. 

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Special Feature

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New World Thinking - TFC1

The last 2yrs and more have brought into sharp focus all the many things which are wrong or just inadequate in our world.  We have been shown the fragility of our systems and the shortcomings of our leaders – the leaders charged with the task to care for and protect the people. 

Whilst some leaders may well have crimes to answer for in the near future, what the situation has made plain to us all now is that a different way of thinking is required.  A different way of thinking for a different kind of world.

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Over The Water News

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It's All About The Journey

I stopped in my tracks at the sight of three young people – two men and a woman – walking jauntily along in black bell-bottom corduroys and velvet waistcoats with pearly buttons.  On their backs were leather backpacks with cloth packages attached.  In their hands, they sported twisted wooden walking sticks. 

My first thought was that they must be actors - from a film set in the Middle Ages.  I was wrong.  They were travelling tradespeople – part of the ancient Journeymen tradition – and they were heading for a church, where they planned to sleep that night.

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Over The Fence News

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“The Curious Comfort of Unusual Books” by local author Debbie Young, in April’s TETBURY ADVERTISER, described the code for book production brought in during the Second World War to reduce the quantity of paper used in books.

Books produced under the Book Production War Economy Standard more than halved paper use, placed more words on a page and reduced the amount of blank white space. 
The books were printed on thin paper, with light, plain covers.  Far from being substandard, however, these wartime editions are faring better than more modern books.

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Breaking The Code

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