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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Our Special Features are just that.  We pick a topic which has been in the current news spotlight somewhere - or a topic which has been buried under a stone as some are!  We then slide it back under a different spotlight for some re-examination.  


We like lifting the lid on a story we feel should be looked at again - or looked at from a different angle.

In essence, our Special Features cover a wide spectrum of topics we feel are ripe for that re-examination.


Special Feature

2135 IA

Why Has Death been Changed?

After two long years, the Coronavirus Act has finally expired.  Except – it hasn’t.  
The Act allows for any of its provisions to be renewed for up to six months – subject to Parliamentary approval.  
We live in a democracy, after all. 

Seriously, though, as the government relinquishes [for now] the most draconian powers they’ve ever had over us, the people - so far – I’ve looked at the parts of the Act that they’re keeping.
Their choice is interesting – especially as the gov is planning to keep them PERMANENTLY.

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National News

2135 IB

Is There A Healthspiracy?

The Gerson Support Group once received thanks from Prince Charles for enabling a woman to have several more years of healthy life – after being told she had terminal cancer and would not survive any more chemotherapy.

Yet, this cancer charity has now been removed from the charity register and forced to take down its website.  
It is the first in what I have reason to believe will be a long line of complementary and alternative medicine charities that are being targeted. 

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International News

2135 IC

Will - That Is Poor Behaviour!

The whole world is a stage – Will Shakespeare said once – and by definition, that fact makes us all actors on that stage.  And this particular actor mounted that stage last Sunday evening at the Oscars.  What happened there – has got the whole world now talking about it.

It is difficult to see what might have been gained by what happened - except for two things perhaps.
1.    An experience which the whole world can learn from 
2.    An odd sense of pride for the perpetrator

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International News

2135 ID

If you are anything like me, you are becoming increasingly confused by what is going on in the world of gender I/D.

There seems to be no end to the unbelievable stories emanating from mainstream media - pushing an agenda which appears to want us all to identify as something other than – male or female.  Instead, somewhere along the ABCDEFG string of substitute identities.
It is madness at one level – but deeply concerning at another. 

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This Total Gender Madness

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