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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Our Special Features are just that.  We pick a topic which has been in the current news spotlight somewhere - or a topic which has been buried under a stone - as some are!  We then slide it back under a different spotlight for some re-examination.  


We like lifting the lid on a story we feel should be looked at again - or looked at from a different angle.

In essence, our Special Features cover a wide spectrum of topics we feel are ripe for that re-examination.


International News

1465 IA

The Yellow Poppy Movement

For as long as I can remember, I have connected November with the national tribute to all those who lost their lives in two world wars and the myriad of other conflicts around our world.  The connection comes with Images of red poppies, the Whitehall Cenotaph and the sound of Nimrod - playing in my head - never failing to bleed a sorrowful tear from my eyes. 

These feelings are replicated, I know, among millions who are affected in the same way.  But after many years now, I am affected in a slightly different way – becoming moved when I learned about The People’s Poppy – The Yellow Poppy.


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National News

1465  IB

NHS Doctor Spills The Beans

It is an odd thing when those who work for an organisation are told by their employer NOT to talk with the media and Not to engage in social media discussion.  
The result, if they, do is dismissal.

Now, Katherine Gun - in the early noughties - had a run-in with her employer about something a bit similar.  Katherine was dealing in Official Secrets and her employer was the government’s GCHQ.  The affair didn’t end well.

CM3 1465 IB Nuremberg Trials1a.1464.jpg
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Over the Border News

1465 IC

You Can Talk To The Animals

Dr Dolittle was a central character in a children’s story where the doctor shunned his human patients, preferring instead to treat the animals.  Treating animals was one thing – but the doctor actually talked to them too.

In real life stories, this ability to talk to the animals is being realised as fact and NOT fiction.  Wow – Really?  Yes - Really!  
But we aren’t talking about sitting down for a chat about sport.  We are talking about James French who has discovered a way to communicate with animals which derives positive results.

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National News

1465 ID

Fawkes No2 - Geoffrey Cox MP

The government is rarely seen in a glowing, positive light and these past few weeks have drawn further attention to the reason for this.  I am referring to the latest scandal involving the payment of Tory MPs for work outside parliament.

You could call it naive, but I have to admit to being pretty oblivious to the exact rules which MPs are guided to follow on this subject – the subject of drawing fees from companies MPs work for whilst serving as MPs.

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Over the Border News

1465 IE

The Problem With The Gib Jab

The Covid-19 vaccination programme has been a momentous success in Gibraltar.
So successful has it been, in fact, that 118% of the country’s population has been jabbed – and Christmas is cancelled.

Yes, you DID read that right.  “The Rock” the world’s most vaccinated territory, has jabbed 118% of its eligible people. Clearly, however. that still isn’t enough.
What figure WOULD be enough, I ask?  Enough, that is, to make people across the world ask – is this really about a virus?

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Special Feature

1465 IF

This Should Bother You - Part 2

In Part 1, I explored aspects of Bill Gates’ power over supply chains and policy in fields including energy, agriculture and healthcare. 

In this article, Part 2, I am going to do more of the same.
Why am I not giving Bill Gates a fair trial?  Because, by buying power and control, he has bought the narrative – what people say about him.  
He can never, in my view, be considered innocent of any charges.  Sorry, and all that.  

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