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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Our regular features will shortly be appearing within these pages and they will come from another eclectic mix of regular CONNECT contributers.   

The subjects covered will be broard in range but, at the same time, relevant to our lives in different ways.  They will cover topics such as health and finances, foods and legal issues.


Look out for these features appearing on CONNECT.



Special Feature

2125 HA

It's Like A Mad, Mad World!

I find the pastime of observation a generally interesting one – since it causes me to think about all kinds of things.  For one, the actual thing being observed and secondly all the other related aspects which slide into my view, due to the observation itself.

In particular, I often take the view of an Off-World observer – asking myself what it is I see when I look down on all the odd behaviours – especially those of the so-called leaders of the world.  Today, I share some of the stranger observations I have and ask – do you see what I see?

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Special Feature

2125 HB

Follow The Leader?

The test for any leadership is - do the people who follow the leader grow as persons, become healthier, wiser, freer, more autonomous, more likely themselves to serve?
The last word of this sentence is not a mistake.

Real leaders serve – they are Servant Leaders.  
Servant Leadership is a quite different concept of leadership from the one that most people are aware of.
So – what does being a Servant Leader mean?
How does it differ from merely being a leader?

Bush and Blair
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Special Feature

2125 HC

Sauce For The Gander?

It’s funny how often the question “If it’s sauce for the goose, why isn’t it sauce for the gander, too?” pops up these days.  
“If you can stay out half the night, then I can, too.  What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander” is the principle.

And who could argue with that?  P & O Ferries, it appears.
Why is the UK government not asking us to boycott this company?  
I don’t have the answer – but I think we should ask the question.  

Goosey Ganders
P&O Ferries
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Over The Fence News

2125 HD

Have you ever starred at something in total disbelief or bewilderment?  If you have, then you will know how two writers for CONNECT felt when they looked in at the Bay Gallery in Tetbury.

First to say, is that we have loved the Bay Gallery in Tetbury and the amazing – even mesmerizing - art forms on display there.  It has been a miniature oasis centred on the indigenous Australian people – positioned right here in the centre of our town.
There is nothing like it anywhere outside of London and Oz!

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The Bay Gallery Mandela Effect

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