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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Our regular features will shortly be appearing within these pages and they will come from another eclectic mix of regular CONNECT contributers.   

The subjects covered will be broard in range but, at the same time, relevant to our lives in different ways.  They will cover topics such as health and finances, foods and legal issues.


Look out for these features appearing on CONNECT.


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Over the Fence News

1455 HA

Two True-Life Stories

We have some truly great things in our town.  One of these assets is Tetbury Film Society, which shows films to members at the Dolphins Hall.

As well as showing films, the Society holds an annual fundraising film screening event and supports local causes including Longfield Hospice, Tetbury Hospital, the Feoffees, Tetbury in Bloom and Tetbury Lions.


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Over the Valley

1455  HB

The Best Form Of Defence

The proverb “attack is the best form of defence” originated in the USA in the 18th century.  
Initially intended as a military tactic, it has become an everyday saying in both the US and the UK, with the US version usually being: “the best defense is a good offense.”


In the UK, we would spell that as “defence” and “offence.”  The meaning, however, is the same – being, that a pre-emptive strike is the best way to defend oneself.

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International News

1455 HC

There Is Nowhere to Go

For so many decades now, the people of the UK and other parts of the world, have held their heads high and proclaimed - how lucky we are to live in a democratic society.

We have all seen that democratic society in full operation too - confirming for us all the accepted process of periodic and fixed term elections.  As a result of which - by democratic means – we decide as a nation on who gets the honour to lead us.
The thing is – this is all “fake news” and now it’s being realised. 

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National News

1455 HD

Fawkes No1 - Owen Paterson

Owen Paterson MP – now ex-MP for North Shropshire having resigned last week under the pressure – has the honour of being our Number One entry on our list.  We thought it was time that someone compiled a list of all the notable events connected with our shameful, but elected MPs.

It will not be an honours list.  Instead, it will be a list of all their indiscretions, poor behaviours and crimes.  It’s a list which will make it plain that these people are truly not worthy of their position or deserving of their salary.  In short, they are not to be trusted with anything – let alone our representation.  

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Over the Valley News

1455 HE

Mooning Is A Bucket List Item

How many of us have actually written out a bucket list for ourselves?  And among those who have – how many have actually started to move through the list and begun the ticking off process?

Well, this gentleman - Darrell Meekcom, 55 is one who has – and has included on his list some of the more common items like a bungee jump and parachuting.  Darrell also added Mooning a police speed camera which has got him a ticking off he didn’t want to get - and hadn’t anticipated.

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Special Feature

1455 HF

This Should Bother You - Part 1

One thing that bothered me at the beginning of 2020 was that Bill Gates was suddenly everywhere.  On TV, on the online news – Bill Gates says this, Bill Gates says that about the Covid-19 pandemic.

I couldn’t understand why “the computer guy,” this American man behind a technology company called Microsoft, was calling the shots – no pun intended – on everything to do with Covid, all over the world.  
When did he become a doctor, immunologist or virologist?

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