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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Our international news comes from the worldwide pot of news stories.  The source being a national or international broadcaster - within the mainstream media fraternity - or an independent freelance citizen journalist working from their homebase.  

We will pick from the extensive tableau of news items, those items we feel fit best with our own interests and those of our readers.  Those items will range between general interest topics and those which are considered important, if not serious.


Special Feature

2115 GA

Human Nature At Its Best?

What we have been shown through our television screens - as the conflict in Ukraine unfolds - doesn’t need describing by anyone.  The images of death and destruction as relayed to us by the mainstream media verges on the unbearable.

What makes the picture even worse is the reality that the scenes we are shown come from a relatively near neighbour of ours, a little more than 3hrs away by air.

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CM3 2115 Boat refugees.2113.jpg
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Special Feature

2115 GB

A Spoon Full Of Sugar - Part 1

You’d think, wouldn’t you, that if you’re given treatment for an illness you’d be keen to take the treatment?  
It seems, however, that some people don’t trust patients to take their medicine.  

It also seems that certain people are prepared to take drastic action to help the medicine go down – and make sure that it HAS gone down.  
Why am I saying this?  Because some medicines contain tracking devices.

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Special Feature

2115 GC

I Can See Clearly Now...

… the rain has gone.  Well, what we see clearly is only made possible by a gap in the dark clouds.  But, what a view of the ground it has given us!  What we were all told was real and true - turns out not to be! 

The view that many of us have carried in our heads for decades is now beginning to change rapidly for many people.  This article uncovers serious defects in our world of dominating Big Media and Big Pharma.  

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Special Feature

2115 GD

It’s a man’s world, according to James Brown.
ABBA, on the other hand, told us it’s a RICH man’s world.
While Liza Minelli said, money makes the world go round.
Whoever’s song you agree with, we can all be sure of one thing.
A financial crisis is looming – but WHY?

It is now becoming painfully clear that The Economy is a lot like a sandcastle – and now the tide’s coming in.
I was delighted to find a plain English explanation of why we can expect a financial crisis – who will lose out – and who will gain.

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Money, Money, Money

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