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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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National news means just that.  It can emanate from any source, being a national or international broadcaster - belonging to the mainstream media fraternity - or an independent freelance citizen journalist working from their homebase.  

We will pick from the extensive tableau of news items for the nation, those items we feel fit best with our own interests and those of our readers.  Those items will range between general interest topics and those which are considered important, if not serious.

Special Feature

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Is This The Most Hated Man?

What’s the deal with Yuval Noah Harari, the Israeli historian, philosopher and author?  He’s been described as being even more evil than Klaus Schwab – quite an achievement - but could hating Harari be an unhelpful distraction?

I’m not going to defend Harari, whose association with the World Economic Forum is bad judgement, at best - or a clear indication that he has an evil agenda, at worst.  What he says when he talks about humanity’s future – or lack of it - is depressing, terrifying and horrible.  But I AM going to suggest that - just maybe - Harari might NOT be out to destroy us.    

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Special Feature

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Why Nuremberg Matters

The 75th Anniversary of the Nuremberg Code was celebrated recently.  Now, some people get upset when what the Nazis did during the Second World War is connected with the Covid-19 injection rollout - which is strange.

It’s strange because among the people who make the connection are Holocaust survivors.  One such survivor, Vera Sharav, spoke at the 75th Anniversary ceremony at Nuremberg about how the last two and a half years have rekindled painful memories for her – and drew a clear connection between the current Covid-19 policies and the Nazi regime. 

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Special Feature

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Anne Heche - A Murder Story?

The death of 53yr old Anne Heche is tragic beyond words - and enough cannot be said about her loss.  The Hollywood TV and film actress had a very interesting story to tell and maybe that had something to do with her death?

Her demise was mainstream news around the world and centred on her horrific road accident - where she crashed her car at high speed into a residential home in the Hollywood suburbs.  However, what the mainstream didn’t cover was revealing - in 2 different ways.  And this has led to an explosion in gossip about another truth hidden beneath the headlines.

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Special Feature

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The newspapers have rarely been short of stories to fill their frontpages in the past.  Now it seems, there are so many headline stories to be covered and they are all jostling frantically for the frontpage headline spot.

This all emanates from the reality that the world is going through an incredible phase currently and - for one - I actually feel relatively optimistic.  That will sound strange and incomprehensible to many - given the terrible and horrendous stories talked about daily.  The thing is the darkest hour – they say – comes just before the dawn.  And the dawn is coming!

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Are You Connecting The Dots?

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