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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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All of us love good news stories and especially when we need one ourselves.  So, this section is about exactly that kind of story - a good news story. 

They are stories that lift us up - make us feel good about the world - stories which place a warm glow in our hearts and a smile on our faces.

These stories may be about anything - including, a person’s good fortune, the rescue of an animal, or someone’s extraordinary act of kindness.  They each have the power to make us feel, quite Over the Moon!

NEWS From Over The MOON


Over the Fence News

1425 EA

Three New Tabletop Games

Having fun, competing, exercising our brains, socialising - and a bar on hand – what’s not to like?  Tetbury has three, quite different, weekly indoor activities starting – which is great timing now that the evenings are longer, darker and distinctly cooler.

These three activities are a welcome change from the digital and online version of life that most of us have become all too accustomed to.  
All three take the form of tabletop games.
These games are – Chess, Poker and Bridge.


CM3 1425 EA.Chess1a.1421.jpg
CM3 1425 EA.Bridge1a.1421.jpg
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Over the Fence News

1425  EB

What's Done Can't Be Undone

Am I superstitious?  Let’s just say, auditions for parts in Shakespeare’s “The Scottish Play” are taking place at Tetbury’s Goods Shed.
I’m aware, of course, that the curse only kicks in if the play’s title is spoken aloud, but I’m not taking any chances.  

This tale of ambition and betrayal – which has been adapted for film, television, opera, novels, comics, and other media – is about the damaging physical and psychological effects of political ambition on those who seek power for its own sake.
How timely…

CM3 1425 EB.Macbeth1a.1411.jpg
CM3 1425 EB.Shakespeare1a.1421.png
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Special Feature

1425 EC

Silenced Are The Lambs

There are so many things which us humans have in common – so much that draws us all together - and far, far more than actually divides us.  And most of what does divide us has a curious root in other people’s agendas.  
For example, government agendas.

Two things in the last 22mths have however become very clear to me and they relate to both these things mentioned.  
1.    Something which shows up as our human differences
2.    Those agenda things 

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Over the Valley News

1425 ED

Malmesbury Christmas Market

There is something absolutely lovely about a bustling market with so many lovely things on sale catching the eye.  Swarms of smiling faces, with laughter, the smell of mulled wine and roasting chestnuts filling the cool crisp December evening air.

Oooh, I am there already and the whole of Malmesbury will be too – mixing with all the visitors from Over the Valley.

Friday 03 December 21

CM3 Late Night Shopping1a.1422.png
CM3 1422 Eve.Late Night Shopping.1a.1422.png
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Special Feature

1425 EE

Who's Grooming Our Children?

A story that appeared in the media in the last few days is about a very worrying problem.  It is about how our children are being groomed by adults who they trust, by using and abusing their positions of authority.
Even worse, this grooming is taking place in schools.

Many teachers would, I am sure, unthinkingly use themselves as a human shield if a gunman walked into the school, 
But are these same teachers, equally unthinkingly, allowing - and even helping - this grooming of children to go on?

CM3 1425 EE.Facial Recognition1a.1421.png
CM3 1425 EE.Pied Piper1a.1421.jpg
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Over the Fence News

1425 EF

An Autumn Must Do

The “700 TREES & 7000 BULBS” project of all ages is inviting people to help with planting.  
The planting is taking place over the weekend of 23/24oct and on sun31oct, between 10am and 4pm, along the Public Footpath from the Tanyard/Tetbury Sewage works towards Bath Bridge.

700 trees will be planted over the weekend of 23/24oct.
On sun31oct, 5000 Snowdrops [Galanthus Nivalis] and 2000 Wild Garlic [Ursinum Allium] bulbs – two plants that pollinators love – are going to be planted.

CM3 1425 EF.Wild Garlic1a.1423.jpg
CM3 1425 EF.Snowdrops1a.1423.jpg
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