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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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NEWS From Over The WATER

Tetbury CONNECT is not just about connecting us all in Tetbury.  It's also about connecting people with others - anywhere in the world - through their news.  

We look for stories not found in the mainstream, but include subjects we believe you will find interesting, informative and sometimes educational.


This feature makes CONNECT somewhat unique in the world of local media - publishing local news from Over the Water,

International News

2325 DA

Should Amnesty Be Cancelled?

AMNESTY International, the human rights charity, is under fire.  People are very angry about a report it published recently on Ukraine.  But WHY are so many people cancelling AMNESTY – or at least - hoping it cancels itself?

I don’t know whether AMNESTY International are right or wrong in the report that has enraged so many people about the danger to Ukrainian civilians.  This article is effectively a narrated “Snagging List” for an article in The Times about AMNESTY International’s report on Ukraine that also expresses the view of many other media platforms and commentators.

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Special Feature

2325 DB

Is There Dignity In Dying?

Yet another tragedy involving a child has recently played out in public.  One more legal battle between parents and the state has ended, with the parents losing – as they usually do.  Does the state allow ANY dignity in dying?

This won’t be the last time, sadly, that parents have to fight for what they believe is best for the child – THEIR child – who they know and love.  Isn’t it time we asked – about a child who’s going to die – why can’t the parents be allowed to choose HOW or at least WHERE the child dies?  If the parents “get it wrong” – so what?  They do their best for their child – in life AND death.  

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Special Feature

2325 DC

The Attack On People's Media

Alex Jones is described as a conspiracy theorist by people who are at odds with his principles and commentary.  Others see him as a truth seeker, not wishing to inflict harm in any way onto those who are entirely innocent.

Alex Jones is a media platform host for centred in Texas, USA and possesses a passion to explore topics where truth always appears to be the first casualty.  Interestingly, on the 12Sep01 – the day after 9/11 – Jones spoke of his suspicion – if not conviction – that the terrorist attack was not what the people were told it was. 

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Special Feature

2325 DD

Standing back to look at things afresh is always a good idea – particularly at this mess we have all allowed to be created.  It is the perfect way to start the process of making things right again – not that they’ve ever been right!

The first challenge to face in this process is deciding what on earth do we look at first?  The mess which I am referring to here, by the way, is the way – we the People – have allowed the administration of this country to unfold.  I cannot say develop – since that very word suggests a form of positive progression – which we certainly have not had and won’t get on this path.

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Effectively - We Are To Blame!

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