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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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NEWS From Over The WATER

Tetbury CONNECT is not just about connecting us all in Tetbury.  It's also about connecting people with others - anywhere in the world - through their news.  

We look for stories not found in the mainstream, but include subjects we believe you will find interesting, informative and sometimes educational.


This feature makes CONNECT somewhat unique in the world of local media - publishing local news from Over the Water,


Special Feature

2085 DA

NHS Limit The Birthing Quotas

My attention was caught this week by an article on the BBC about NHS birthing quotas.  It seems an odd concept to get your head around at first, but it was a story that took me back in time.

The headline read – 
NHS England drops limit on offering Caesarean births.
What the BBC means is that the limit has been scrapped altogether – not lowered to a different number.

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Special Feature

2085 DB

Sons Of Neptune

We never tire of stories about little people taking on big people – especially if those little people win.
A British film, set for release this year dramatises Scarborough’s version of the legend of David and Goliath.

In “Sons Of Neptune,” the little men win the battle for clean seas.
Sadly, although that battle is won, the war against the polluters of our waterways is far from over.

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Special Feature

2085 DC

The Big Pharma Story - Part 2

There is one thing in this world that is guaranteed to send shivers down the spine of the ordinary person.  And those that worked out the truth of that, capitalised on it – Big Time.

Health – or rather the lack of it - is the scare tactic used for decades now by the Big Pharma industry and it pays – Big Time.
And the thing about money is that it attracts in ways that ill-health doesn’t.  Put these two properties together and we arrive at 2022 – and a picture that becomes clearer by the day.

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Special Feature

2085 DD

Food, Glorious Food

I love food.  I live to eat, rather than eat to live.  So I don’t like what I’m seeing in the media – strong hints of a future dystopia of food shortages, malnutrition, fake food and stuff to eat that tastes OK but is laden with toxins.

Even before Bill Gates started on about fake “meat,” I was concerned about what was in the food we buy.  All that sugar, for one thing - added to just about everything – why? 
The problem is - Big Agriculture.

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