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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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News from Over The Border comes to us from other counties.  Closest to us, they include Somersetshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire,

and Herefordshire.

That is 6 directly neighbouring counties no less, but...  

With a ? mark over its potential international status, we also include number 7, Welsh Monmouthshire.

PS - We ignore adjustments made to our borders for council convenience. These include civic areas such as South Glos and BANES.

National News

2315 CA

The Arena Bomb Story Continues

The death toll at the Manchester Arena that evening was truly shocking and that’s without mentioning all those who were tragically injured by the nail bomb blast set in place by a fanatic terrorist who took his own life at the time.

All the headlines told of horrific scenes caused by a massive blast intended to wreak as much harm and devastation as possible.  The identified perpetrator was said to be a young Islamic suicide terrorist.  The stories of those present who survived the attack, combine to tell an interesting story -but the details are at odds with the apparent facts.  

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Special Feature

2315 CB

Was The Virus Ever Isolated?

When all the experts say the same thing, we can all be assured that what they do say is probably right.  But what are we to think if the experts do not agree – and are not saying the same thing - and appear to be poles apart?

In truth, this dichotomy has existed for over two years now since the THING escaped from Wuhan.  But listening to one expert speaking authoritatively on her subject, the dichotomy has existed for decades.  How is it possible that experts can be so at odds with each other – and for so long?  In effect what it means is that the truth is yet to be proved beyond any lingering doubt. 

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Special Feature

2315 CC

Follow The Money

It’s so important to ask the right questions.  And the government, when asked a question about the C-19 vaccines, gave a most interesting and revealing response.  Our gov’t is following the money – it’s all about business profits.

An interested party, whose musician fiancée Zion tragically died just days after having the AstraZeneca jab, asked the government - what would make AstraZeneca’s immunity from litigation, null and void?  The government will not answer her question because it might harm commercial interests - not only AstraZeneca’s but also - the government’s!

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Special Feature

2315 CD

“The Line” in Saudi Arabia is getting a lot of attention.  It’s a proposed new “smart linear city” in the desert – a futuristic, artificial new “home” for nine million people.  The “city” will be just 200m wide, 500m high and 170km long.“

Dystopia” is a word often used about The Line.  Is this because The Line, while claiming to preserve 95% of nature inside it, is silent about the other 5% - and the nature outside it will affect? Or because people will live under constant surveillance?  Or because the dystopia has already begun – with the forced removal of the people who had lived for centuries on the land?

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Hold The Line

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