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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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News from Over The Border comes to us from other counties.  Closest to us, they include Somersetshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire,

and Herefordshire.

That is 6 directly neighbouring counties no less, but...  

With a ? mark over its international status, we also include number 7, Welsh Monmouthshire.

PS - We ignore adjustments made to our borders for council convenience. These include civic areas such as South Glos and BANES.


Special Feature

2075 CA

A Moral Maze-Part1: The Switch 

A thought experiment played out in real life when, in 2003, a runaway freight train headed for downtown Los Angeles.
Union Pacific, the train company –the railroad company, as they say over there – faced a dilemma - should they divert the train away from the city to a less populated area? 

The dilemma the train company faced was the dilemma in The Trolley Problem, also known as "The Switch."  
The train company decided to throw the switch and the train - full of timber - derailed and crashed into a residential area.

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Special Feature

2075 CB

21st Century Girl Power

Tudor times continue to fascinate - and what more fascinating story is there than the Six Wives of King Henry the Eighth?
This classic tale of love, sex, jealousy and excess has been documented and dramatised many times - but never like this.  

In the musical SIX, King Henry isn’t centre stage with one wife while another wife waits for her turn – or the scaffold.  This time, the larger-than-life monarch is nowhere to be seen.  Instead, all six women finally get to tell THEIR stories. 

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Special Feature

2075 CC

The Big Pharma Story - Part 1

There is one thing in this world which is guaranteed to send shivers down the spine of the ordinary person.  And those that worked out the truth of that, capitalised on it – Big Time.

Health – or rather the lack of it - is the scare tactic used for decades now by the Big Pharma industry and it pays – Big Time.
And the thing about money is that it attracts in ways that ill-health doesn’t.  Put these two properties together and we arrive at 2022.

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Special Feature

2075 CD

The Manx Missile - A True Icon 

Everyone loves a winner and especially if that winner is one that - in some special human way – we connect with.  
Novak Djokovic is one such winner from the world of tennis – but maybe not one that is easy to connect with like some others.

Novak is special without question and his coming out this week on his refusal to take the jab makes him especially interesting.
But today, I’d like to spotlight another winner and another very interesting character – and he’s from the world of cycling.

CM3 2075 MarkCavendish-1a.jpg
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