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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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In Tetbury, we are lucky to have some lovely and very active local villages and towns nearby.


Closest to us - in Gloucestershire - are Nailsworth, Stroud and Cirencester.  With a blurring of our nearest county border - just a few miles away, we also have Malmesbury in Wiltshire. 


Due to our closest of neighbours being so close to us in Tetbury, we have included Malmesbury in News from Over The Valley - as Insiders.  
That is - rather than Outsiders, Over The Boundary.

Special Feature

2305 BA

Whose Life Is It Anyway? 

Fifty years ago, Brian Clark, a British writer, wrote “Whose Life Is It Anyway?”  Clark’s fictional story became a TV drama, a stage play and a feature film.  Half a century on, why do we STILL need to ask - Whose Life Is It Anyway?

The sad true story of Alfie Evans - described by one writer as “a sordid lesson in government-controlled health care” shows, for me, that we STILL can’t answer the question.  Or is it more truthful, perhaps, to say we CAN answer it – but that the state STILL insists that we are wrong about whose life it is - and that the state should decide when we live and when we die?

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Regular Feature

2305 BB

Seriously Spicy Beef Pizza

This [seriously] Spicy Beef Pizza is great family fun to make, as well as to eat!  Not only that, making it will save you a whole lot of money – and you’ll know EXACTLY what’s gone into it – whether you stick to the recipe or you don’t!

The pizza base could hardly be any easier - it’s made from Cotswold Pan Bread – while the topping is seriously spicy.  This pizza lives up to its name – that’s how we like it in this household!  You can adjust the quantities if you prefer a less spicy topping - the same goes for the quantity of cheese [although, really, why would want to reduce it?!    

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Special Feature

2305 BC

The Crime Is Just Too Big!

The human psyche is truly a wonderful thing.  But the reality is - that it both protects us and makes us vulnerable for the same reasons.  It would serve each of us if we had a better understanding of this for our own wellbeing.

In the context of a crime being too big – and let’s say that such a crime is committed against us personally – our psyche moves to protect us.  It’s like a trusted adult moving to look after a child in danger.  In effect, our psyche will ring-fence the trauma and all the mental images associated with that crime, to the extent of preventing us mentally accessing that trauma again. 

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Special Feature

2305 BD

With BoJo as good as gone - we have had a raft of Would-Bees, lining up frantically to take his place.  In fact, there were - at the start - no fewer than twelve of them - all thinking they possess the right stuff to be the next PM.

Nine of them were still in the cabinet at the point of BoJo's resignation and, amazingly, 2 of them had only been promoted to that high office just hours before.  I hope you see the problem with all this.  Rats know when it's time to leave a sinking ship - but these MPs don't!

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Is It An Insult Of Our Intelligence?

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