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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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In Tetbury, we are lucky to have some lovely and very active local villages and towns nearby.


Closest to us - in Gloucestershire - are Nailsworth, Stroud and Cirencester.  With a blurring of our nearest county border - just a few miles away, we also have Malmesbury in Wiltshire. 


Due to our closest of neighbours being so close to us in Tetbury, we have included Malmesbury in News from Over The Valley - as Insiders.  
That is - rather than Outsiders, Over The Boundary.

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National News

2065 BA

We've Got Us A Convoy

Somerset Live is among the few mainstream media platforms that have acknowledged this - that a HUGE convoy of vehicles travelled last week from the south-west of England to London.  

Like most of the media, however, they were silent on the details. Such as – the convoy was only one of ELEVEN convoys starting from ALL corners of the UK.  
And - people all over the world are taking part in and supporting convoys.

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National News

2065 BB

Another GP Speaks Out

These last few months we have all witnessed in the mainstream media the pressure being applied to NHS staff to either get the jab OR get the sack.  The final deadline was 31mar22.  Nice!
So much for freedom of choice – it’s down to bullying.  Gross! 

The NHS have never been overstaffed with qualified medics – but with waiting lists now skyrocketing – over 6million patients now waiting for treatment – the govt. has been prepared to sack 100,000 medics for non-compliance with their mad mandate. 



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National News

2065 BC

Is Dr Campbell Cancelled Now?

 Dr John Campbell is a YouTuber.  
I think he’ll forgive me for saying that he doesn’t match most people’s expectations of a YouTuber – young, lively and edgy.

Dr John Campbell is more like – well, someone’s uncle.  Steady, serious and part of the establishment.  
But something has changed.  The establishment, it seems, have turned against him.  What has he done wrong?

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National News

2065 BD

Threats For Not Paying Up 4TV 

We are all familiar with news regularly coming to us about the latest fraud circulating.  Typically, a call-out on social media will describe how villains, by their latest trick, are seeking to share in our financial information – and part us from our precious cash!

The story I am writing about here though, is not so much a fraud – and the people behind their scheme do not align with the usual profile of a criminal.  But like the big boys operating in the criminal world, these boys are very well organised and persistent.

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