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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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In Tetbury, we are lucky to have some lovely and very active local villages and towns nearby.


Closest to us - in Gloucestershire - are Nailsworth, Stroud and Cirencester.  With a blurring of our nearest county border - just a few miles away, we also have Malmesbury in Wiltshire. 


Due to our closest of neighbours being so close to us in Tetbury, we have included Malmesbury in News from Over The Valley - as Insiders.  
That is - rather than Outsiders, Over The Boundary.



1395 BA

Rare White Stag Shot Dead

The term “White Stag” is normally associated with a public house.  But today we report on a beautiful wild animal that had wandered – doubtless inquisitively – into our human space which cost the poor creature its life.

The people going about their business in Bootle were surprised to see this beautiful animal trotting along the streets, in what is normally a busy human environment.  Such sights are becoming less uncommon now, as deer in particular, go looking for nice grass to eat – and people to see. 


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1395 BB

NHS Gives Warning To Schools

Since the word Covid arrived in mainstream media there has been a volume of conflicting information and statements made. On the one hand, we have the government and its advisors with their narrative.  On the other, we have a directly opposing narrative coming from an ever-increasing body of specialist and high-ranking scientists and medics around the globe.

It should be interesting to all of us to note that the government and its advisors have not engaged with the other hand – in any shape or form.  They have instead, left it to the mainstream media to rubbish the counterclaims made and to cause them to be deleted or excluded from the media. 

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Over the Fence

1395 BC

Who Are The Real Heroes?

Tetbury Library has done it again - raising our awareness of a pressing need, and one that we can do something about.  The Library team’s latest article in the Tetbury Advertiser [sep21, page 41] reminds us all how important it is to do our bit for where we live and for those we live with.

No, not our own homes and our families.  The big picture, our Earth and some of the little beings with whom we share the Earth and who need some help.  
The article has a section about our lovely friends the Hedgehogs and the Hedgehog Heroes.  
I thought at first that the Heroes were humans - but I was wrong - the Hedgehog Heroes are hedgehogs.  Let me explain… 

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Over the Valley

1395 BD

The Flying Monk Arts Trail

The Flying Monk Arts Trail landed back in town last weekend - blessed as it was with the closing chapters of our Indian summer.

We ventured onto the trail a tad late in the day to be fair, which presented the unavoidable problem we could see from the very beginning.  How is it possible to visit and admire the works of the 22 talented local artists making up the trail – in and around Malmesbury. Surely there was not going to be enough time for us over just one weekend.  


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1395 BE

The Truth About Colour

One of my recent articles was about an item of news reported by the BBC, that having Covid-19 was causing some people to develop new allergies to hair dye.  As I said in my article, there are some things about the BBC’s story that in my view required the use of the Truth Coefficient process.


We have written before about the Truth Coefficient, a useful tool created by Dr James for calculating the probability of an item being true.  So, what is my TC value for this piece of BBC news?  What is the probability of it being True?  I will apply the TC process to each statement made in the article and video. 

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Over the Valley

1395 BF

Part Of Our Landscape

Stone stiles are a real Cotswolds feature, with some unique to this area.  Many are centuries old, but there is no comprehensive record of all the ones in Gloucestershire.  The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England [CRE] is recording our stone stiles and needs our help to make the Gloucestershire Stone Stile Project a success.

Many Cotswold stone stiles show where there are ancient pathways from before land enclosures, which connects with our article “Don’t Lose Your Way!”  Some stiles also show where there used to be farmsteads, barns and villages, which have long since vanished.  The historical heritage project needs volunteers to help with this.   

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