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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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NEWS From Over The FENCE

Some people will remember the days when women stayed at home to work - and men didn't.

Men leant on their shovels putting the world to right, chewing the cud with other Men - and Women leant on the fence putting their Men to right, gossiping with other Women.

Well, men rarely work with shovels these days, but there is still news and gossip to be had over the fence.  And it's available here on CONNECT.


Special Feature

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Our Monsters In The Cupboard 

Let’s face it – we’ve all had them in our lives and probably from a very young age.  The thing is – and let’s all be honest with ourselves here – a good many of us, still have a version of these scary monsters in our own locked cupboard.

They aren’t really monsters, of course – they only seem like it. They are really those things – we know about or just think we do – occupying a space in our heads we treat as a NO-GO area.  It’s like that area on a computer hard-drive, screened off forever because it contains a deadly virus which cannot be deleted.

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National News

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Our Plastic Waste Problem

The amount of plastic waste my own household of two generates - in every two-week waste collection cycle – is just staggering!  What a family of four or more must generate will be even more so.  But what happens to it?

And therein lies a major question.  It’s a question which a growing number of us are beginning to ask.  Some of us have been asking for some time now – and all credit to them.  But it is only now – after an amount of digging – that the answers are clear.  The thing is – the answers do not make for good reading!

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Special Feature

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How Mad Are You?

How mad are you?  Of course, the answer to this question on a scale of zero to ten is always zero - because we’re always the sane people.  It’s always the other people who are insane - or is it?  The truth may be a bit more complicated.

I took a whistle-stop tour through sanity, insanity and lunatic asylums, to test the assumption that WE’RE OK, it’s all the others – and we can TELL who’s insane – by looking at how they behave.  
So, what did I find?  Put it this way – it might be best to stay away from mental health doctors - just in case! 

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Special Feature

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It’s well known that the media platforms we all once relied upon to provide truthful, accurate and impartial news reporting are corporate giants, owned or funded – often, both – by billionaires.  But what’s wrong with their “news” stories?

The establishment media fails so often to present stories that are true, accurate and impartial.  These stories also often suffer from extremely poor standards of reporting.  Citizen journalists are doing an infinitely better job of informing us of what’s going on – and what’s NOT going on.  I take a deep dive into a few mainstream “news” stories to ask – what’s wrong with the news? 

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What Is Wrong With The News?

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