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Always remember:

BE Kind, BE Fair, BE Honest, BE True

and all these things will come back to you


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Some people will remember the days when women stayed at home to work - and men didn't.

Men leant on their shovels putting the world to right, chewing the cud with other Men - and Women leant on the fence putting their Men to right, gossiping with other Women.

Well, men rarely work with shovels these days, but there is still news and gossip to be had over the fence.  And it's available here on CONNECT.

NEWS From Over The FENCE

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1395 AA

Sew Your Own Is Coming Back

I clearly remember the days when I sat quietly – bored stiff – but dreaming of my new car or ice cream which was to be my reward for the mind-numbing wait.  A wait sat on the high stools whilst my mum poured over the massive books of dress patterns in the local department store - Edmunds.

 These were days when so many mums made their own dresses – mainly out of need to save money – and the enforced wait for an on-line solution to finding dress patterns.  And now, that wait for me and mums is finally done.

CM3 Sewing-Patterns-8a.1395.jpg
CM3 Sewing-Patterns-8a.1395.jpg
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Over the Fence

1395 AB

A Warning To All Hairdressers

Having Covid-19 can cause people to develop new allergies, according to the BBC.  
Hairdressers across the UK, using the same hair dye on clients as they did before the clients had Covid, have reported that some people are now suffering rashes and burns from their hair colour. 

The hairdressers’ and beauticians’ trade body, the National Hair and Beauty Federation, has issued a warning to its members to always carry out patch tests at least 48 hours before putting colour on clients’ hair.  This is to avoid allergic reactions - and possible legal action against hairdressers. 

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CM3 1395 Hair colour.1a.1392.png
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Over the Border

1395 AC

Thinking  Of Changing Career

There’s career change and there’s CAREER CHANGE - and Peter Ebdon knows all about the latter.  After a successful career as a professional snooker player, Peter began a new profession - as an energy healer.

After retiring from snooker, Peter set up Quantum Energy Healing with experienced clinical acupuncturist and healer Jo Radley.  The pair offer healing – not just to people, but also to horses.  


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CM3 1395.Horse.1a.1394.jpg
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1395 AD

Should Our Children Have This?

As a double jabbed person is only now finding out what is really in the injection – at least some of them – and its effect on people’s health, I have to now to ask this.
With it being too late for most adults in the UK - including myself - to make a different choice, should children be vaccinated?

Recent autopsy findings from Germany for ten people who died after having a Covid-19 injection show that seven deaths are “probably” related to the injections and it played a “highly probable” role in five of these seven deaths.  Almost worse is the horrific damage to these people’s organs and tissues.  

CM3 Two babies.1a.1393.jpg
CM3 Baby vaxxed.1a.1393.jpg
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Over the Valley

1395 AE

More Bones Flying In This Week

Most of us will be familiar with the air movements around Kemble – with the regular light aircraft and the occasional retiring airliner.  But in this last week, people a little further north and east are seeing the US military move in more hardware to the local Fairford Airbase.

A gigantic C5 Galaxy airlifter arrived at the base last Monday, reputedly delivering in spare engines for the BONES.  That is tech speak for what is otherwise known as the US Air Force Lancer – a world reaching swing-wing supersonic bomber – more commonly known as the B-One – or the BONE.


CM3 B-One retirements1a.1394.jpg
CM3 Davis Montham-Arizona1a.1394.jpg
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Special Feature

1395 AF

Fruit Of The Poisonous Tree

The idea of “Your Papers, Please!” is not some fiction dreamed up by so-called conspiracy theorists.  Digital passes ARE coming to the UK - unless we say no to them.  
That’s bad enough, but even worse is who - and what - are behind the company who will be producing them.  
I advise having a stiff drink before reading on, because, as my Latin teacher would have said - it ain’t pretty.

Apart from the sheer evil of our society being based on what some people call “medical apartheid”, digital passes will be even more evil because they are the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree.


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CM3 1395 Goebbels.1a.1395.jpg
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