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We ask the questions - which so many others don't

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As the feeding frenzie centred on the Ukraine gathers momentum - there is yet another casualty of war.  It is TRUTH and the reporting of it.  RT has now been taken OFF AIR in the UK.   

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RT is a Russian news platform and there is little which distinguishes it from other European news outlets.  RT covers a broad spectrum of news and is certainly not Russian centred as many might think it is.  Last week, there were calls by UK MPs to have it censored.  Those calls were rebuffed by Ofcom then - but have now been acted upon.  This is what happens when child brained politicians take innocent people to war.  Truth suffers - commonsense suffers - and most of all We The People suffer.  Whilst all this happens, we are forced to listen to THEIR justifications for THEIR playground behaviour.  

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